10 Rock Garden Plants 2017

Here are 10 rock garden plants, ideal for creating a striking location in your outdoor space. The rock gardens have a unique charm, but require a lot of care and dedication. Plants for the rock garden in fact need a habitat with the same characteristics as the one in which they live in the real world: the soil must be light enough to allow them to breathe, and well drained, to avoid stagnation and to allow them to grow in total freedom. If you also want to create a beautiful rock garden, here are the 10 plants that must not be missed.


Chickweed is a perennial ground cover, of European origin, with light green leaves, covered with a light down. In the period from late spring to late summer, chickweed is completely covered with many small white flowers, so much so that in English is called “snow in summer”.


The ferns are plants from the big leaf, which are usually found in high humidity areas. They are easy to maintain, because it does not require special maintenance if not love warm weather.


Myrtle is a shrub plant, typical of the Mediterranean. It produces black berries or red, depending on the type chosen.


Rosemary is a very resistant aromatic plant, which does not require a lot of care. He loves the heat and prefers exposure to sunlight.


The bougainvillea is a climbing plant that grows in very hot climates. It requires no special maintenance, and once I get hot, will color railings, gates and walls with its beautiful pink flowers.


Broom is a plant for a rock garden very beautiful and easy to grow. Its characteristic is that it is almost totally devoid of leaves.

Prickly pear

The Prickly Pear is part of the cacti family. This plant is known for its delicious fruit, but is also very beautiful, to create an exotic rock garden.


Santolina is a popular aromatic plant in our country. It grows in dry places and stony.


The curry plant is a perennial shrub that lives well up to 1000 meters above sea level and very sunny places.


Lavender has a great ability to adapt to any type of terrain and for this is widespread throughout Italy. He makes beautiful purple fragrant flowers, which creates the beautiful colored expanses.

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Granit and Marble Kitchen Countertops for the Best Looking Kitchen There are many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles of kitchen countertops that you can find in the market and it will make you really confused as to which one is the best for your kitchen at home. However, if you want to buy the right kitchen countertop for your home, there are some things that you need to consider before doing so. One of the considerations you should make is to look for a kitchen countertop that is really strong so that it can last you for many years. And, of course, in terms of appearance, you don’t want a kitchen counter top that will look out of place in your kitchen, so it should match the whole appearance of your kitchen. Another important consideration to give has to do with the price of the countertop. You can see that there are kitchen countertops that are really very expensive, but you can also buy one that is very much affordable, so you need to set a budget for your kitchen countertop. The thing about kitchen countertops is that the more expensive they are, especially those made of marble and granite, the more worthy they are of the price. These countertops can even outlive you if you really take good care of them. What is great about granite countertops aside from their attractive look, is that it is very strong and scratch resistant. Marble, on the other hand, is a truly beautiful material. It would be a great sight if your kitchen is highlighted with a shiny, marble countertop! It is very expensive to purchase natural marble countertops, but you have to be willing to pay the price if you want real marble in your kitchen.
Questions About Products You Must Know the Answers To
Most of us can’t afford a real marble countertop, but today, you can get an affordable alternative which is the cultured marble. It has the appearance of natural marble but is less expensive. Telling one from the other is not easy. Real marble dust and plastic resins are combined to get cultured marbles. It will be a good choice for anyone who wants a marble countertop but would not mind having plastic resins in it.
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Whatever kind of countertop you would invest it, whether granite, real marble, or cultured marble, the secret for its long life is extra care. Unlike granite, if you put a hot plate on top of a marble countertop, it can be stained and can lose its smoothness. Otherwise, if you are really careful, marble countertops can last for many years and it is clearly a top choice for home owners.